Bluetooth File Transfer APK For Android

Bluetooth File Transfer APK provides a valuable solution for Android users who encounter restrictions on file transfers via Bluetooth.
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September 11, 2023
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Bluetooth File Transfer APK is a useful tool for Android users who wish to bypass restrictions imposed by certain smartphone manufacturers that limit file transfer via Bluetooth. With its simple interface and functionality, the app enables users to send any file type to connected Bluetooth devices without encountering restrictions.

Features of Bluetooth File Transfer APK

Let’s have a look at the features of Bluetooth File Transfer APK:

User-Friendly Interface and File Selection

Bluetooth File Transfer offers a straightforward interface with two tabs. One tab displays the folders from the Android file tree, allowing users to easily locate and select files for transfer. The second tab shows the Bluetooth-connected devices, simplifying the recipient selection process. By selecting the desired file from the documents list and choosing the recipient, users can quickly initiate file transfers.

Seamless Device Connectivity

To establish a connection between devices, users need to activate Bluetooth on both their device and the target device, following the standard procedure for Bluetooth pairing. Once the devices are linked, Bluetooth File Transfer facilitates smooth and reliable file transfer between them. This feature ensures hassle-free connectivity and enables users to share files conveniently.

File Compression for Easy Transfer

Bluetooth File Transfer includes the capability to compress multiple files into a single archive, streamlining the process of sending multiple documents and files. By compressing files into one package, users can transfer them more efficiently, saving time and reducing the complexity of transferring individual files.

Convenient Bluetooth Activation Widget

The app provides a widget that allows users to activate Bluetooth without navigating through the device’s settings menu. This feature adds convenience by offering a quick and direct way to enable Bluetooth, saving users time and effort.

File Management Capabilities

Bluetooth File Transfer not only allows you to send files but also offers basic file management features. You can browse through your Android file tree, navigate folders, and perform actions such as renaming, deleting, or copying files within the app.

Fast File Transfer Speed

The app utilizes Bluetooth technology to transfer files between devices. While the transfer speed may vary depending on the devices and Bluetooth versions, Bluetooth File Transfer aims to provide a reasonably fast and efficient file transfer experience.

Batch File Transfer

In addition to sending individual files, Bluetooth File Transfer supports batch file transfers. You can select multiple files or entire folders to send to the connected Bluetooth device, saving time and effort when sharing multiple files simultaneously.

Compatible with Various File Types

Bluetooth File Transfer does not impose restrictions on file types, allowing you to send any type of file, including documents, images, videos, audio files, and more. This versatility ensures that you can share a wide range of files without limitations.

Offline File Sharing

Bluetooth File Transfer works without internet connectivity, making it a convenient option for sharing files in areas with limited or no internet access. As long as both devices have Bluetooth capabilities, you can transfer files regardless of network availability.

Lightweight and Efficient

The app is designed to be lightweight, occupying minimal storage space on your Android device. Its efficient resource utilization ensures smooth performance and minimizes the impact on your device’s battery life.


Bluetooth File Transfer APK provides a valuable solution for Android users who encounter restrictions on file transfers via Bluetooth. With its user-friendly interface, seamless device connectivity, file compression capabilities, and convenient Bluetooth activation widget, the app offers a reliable option for transferring files between devices. While it may not have the same recognition as other similar apps, Bluetooth File Transfer remains a practical choice for quick and unrestricted file sharing needs.

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