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Clumsy Ninja engages mobile players unlike any other fighting game. Letting you shape a ninja over time makes the journey uniquely personal and rewarding.
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September 12, 2023
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Clumsy Ninja APK is a popular mobile game where you train a ninja character from childhood into a skillful fighter. With unique ragdoll physics, virtual training across varied environments, and endless customization, it provides hours of interactive fun.

Getting Started

After installing and opening Clumsy Ninja, you’ll meet your ninja as a young child. Tap and drag parts of his body to interact and get a feel for the physics. Early on, you’ll guide the ninja through basic tasks like walking, jumping, and climbing trees to build basics.

Clumsy Ninja APK Features


A variety of equipment unlocks for training the ninja. Set up obstacles like hurdles, towers, swinging logs, and more to practice moves. Targets allow practicing shuriken throws. Guiding the ninja through training repeatedly builds experience to master skills.


As your ninja develops skills, fighting challengers becomes possible. From pirates to vikings, a gauntlet of foes await. Fighting uses physics and ragdoll effects for entertaining battles. Learn new martial arts moves through each victory.


From ninja suits, hats, masks, and weapons, an expansive selection of cosmetic items allows developing your unique fighter. Customize gear loadouts for availability in training and fights. Change colors and patterns for unique looks. The Dojo offers a space to decorate too.


Varied mini-games offer alternative gameplay, like delivering food while avoiding obstacles. Completing games earns coins for spending. Daily challenges provide specific training goals to accomplish.

Adaptive Training

The ninja progressively learns new moves and skills based on how you train him over time.

Multiple Environments

Train and fight across different scenarios like beaches, snowy mountains, forests, cities and more.

Ragdoll Physics

Unique physics animations make controlling the ninja hilarious as he flops and stumbles about.

Virtual Pet

Feed, clean and care for the ninja outside of training to keep him happy and healthy.

Online Leaderboards

Compare your ninja’s progress in training, fights and games with the global Clumsy Ninja community.


Earn rewards by completing challenges testing your training skills.

How to Play?

  • Manipulate the ninja using touch gestures – tap body parts to move them, swipe to push, pinch to grab, etc.
  • Start training simple actions like walking, jumping, climbing and kicking to build a foundation.
  • Place objects like hurdles, towers and targets to practice specific techniques.
  • Fight challengers to test skill, learning new moves with each victory. Time attacks and blocks effectively.
  • Dress up your ninja with tons of costume pieces and accessories through the wardrobe.
  • Switch training areas and earn coins by completing unique mini-games when taking a break from training.
  • Check progress in the skill tree showing current abilities. Focus training on newer skills to master them over time.

With the right balance of training, fighting, games and customization, you’ll guide your ninja to become a legendary fighter on his journey.


With charming ragdoll physics, ever-progressing training, humorous fighting, deep customization, and varied game modes, Clumsy Ninja engages mobile players unlike any other fighting game. Letting you shape a ninja over time makes the journey uniquely personal and rewarding. For an interactive martial arts adventure, Clumsy Ninja delivers.

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