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EA Sports UFC is the official mobile game for Ultimate Fighting Championship fans, delivering stunning graphics and intense fighting action straight to your Android device.
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September 12, 2023
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EA Sports UFC is the official mobile game for Ultimate Fighting Championship fans, delivering stunning graphics and intense fighting action straight to your Android device. Developed by EA Mobile, this free app allows you to collect UFC superstars, build your own elite fighting team, and battle in exciting game modes.

Getting Started

After downloading and installing EA Sports UFC APK from our website, you can dive right into fighting with the simple touch screen controls. Tap to strike, swipe to grapple, and use gestures to perform special moves like knockouts and submissions. You can also defend, dodge, block, and counter incoming attacks.

The intuitive tutorial teaches you the controls and important techniques like Rousey’s armbar or McGregor’s left straight. Once you get the hang of the fighting system, you’ll be brawling like a pro.


Collecting Fighters

One of EA Sports UFC’s key features is the ability to collect official UFC fighters to join your squad. The app includes over 70 top superstars like Conor McGregor, Amanda Nunes, Daniel Cormier, Rose Namajunas and more. You can earn new packs of fighters by winning bouts, moving up in rankings, and as rewards.

Building your dream team is exciting, especially when you score elite fighter cards with enhanced stats and abilities. Your collection power increases your team rating for tougher challenges.

Fight Modes

Take your team into several thrilling game modes, including:

Quick Fights – Jump into the octagon for fast 1-on-1 matches.

Career Mode – Train your fighter up the ranks from newcomer to champ.

Challenges – Take on limited-time events and rotating daily tasks.

Live Events – Fight along with real UFC events happening in the world.

Exciting gameplay, achievements, leaderboards and events will keep you coming back as you manage and upgrade your elite UFC stable.


EA Sports UFC allows you to put your own unique stamp on your fighters before they enter the octagon with customization options. Unlock clothing, tattoos, walkout music and much more to customize. You can even create your own MMA phenom with the Create a Fighter feature.

Graphics and Presentation

The developers did an amazing job capturing the intensity, action and feel of real UFC. Detailed fighter models, animations and effects look incredible. Dynamic camera angles make each strike, takedown and submission feel impactful. Arena environments, crowds and overlays recreate that genuine UFC presentation.

How to play EA Sports UFC?

EA Sports UFC brings fast-paced mixed martial arts action to your Android device. Select fighters from your collection and battle in the octagon with intuitive touch screen controls. Tap to punch and kick, swipe to grapple, and use gestures to execute devastating knockouts and submissions. Win bouts to earn rewards and climb the leaderboards. Collect new superstar fighters with unique stats and abilities to build your elite team. Train your fighters, upgrade moves, customize looks, and take your MMA stable to the top. With stunning graphics and smooth gameplay, EA Sports UFC lets you experience the intensity and excitement of Ultimate Fighting Championship combat in the palm of your hand.


For MMA fans hungry for mobile fighting action, EA Sports UFC delivers hours of hard-hitting fun. With hundreds of fighters to collect, deep strategic gameplay, stunning visuals and plenty of modes and content, this free app is a knockout for any Ultimate Fighting Championship enthusiast.

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