Fast Cleaner- Speed Booster APK for Android

Fast Cleaner- Speed Booster APK is an optimization app that aims to give your phone the speed boost it needs by cleaning and freeing up storage space.
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September 12, 2023
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As our Android phones get bogged down with cached files, junk data, and performance draining apps, they can really start to slow down over time. Fast Cleaner- Speed Booster APK is an optimization app that aims to give your phone the speed boost it needs by cleaning and freeing up storage space. With powerful cleaning functions and handy tools to enhance device performance, Fast Cleaner lives up to its name.

Features and Benefits

Speed Booster

The optimized Speed Booster tool works to extend your Android phone’s battery life, reduce lag, and improve overall performance. By suspending battery draining apps, stopping unnecessary tasks, and allocating RAM to speed up your device, Fast Cleaner can make a sluggish phone run like new again.

Junk Files Cleaner

Cached images, residual files, log data, and other junk takes up storage space and slows your phone over time. Fast Cleaner’s smart Junk Files Cleaner deeply scans your device to identify worthless files that are safe to remove to free up space.

App Manager

The App Manager lets you view all your installed apps and easily identify “sleeping” apps that haven’t been used in ages but still take up resources. You can effortlessly uninstall or freeze these apps with one tap to optimize your phone’s performance.

Storage Analyzer

Fast Cleaner’s Storage Analyzer provides a detailed breakdown of your phone’s storage space and how it is being utilized. This allows you to see which apps, videos, photos, and files are taking up the most space so you can effectively clean your device.

Additional Tools

Other useful tools include Battery Saver to extend battery life, Game Booster to optimize gaming performance, Wi-Fi Tools, Autostart Manager, and Device Heat Monitor. Fast Cleaner packs a ton of utility into one free app.

Safe and User-Friendly

Importantly, Fast Cleaner is completely safe to use. It only removes 100% useless junk files that are harmless to delete. Your important files will never be touched. The app is also designed to be user-friendly and intuitive for anyone to master.

How Fast Cleaner – Speed Booster works?

Fast Cleaner is an Android app that improves device performance and speed by cleaning junk files, freeing up storage space, closing resource-draining apps, allocating RAM to prioritized tasks, and implementing a variety of optimization techniques. The Speed Booster tool suspends battery-draining background apps, stops unnecessary system processes, and clears cached data to boost phone speed. The Junk Files Cleaner deeply scans your device to identify and remove useless cached and residual files. The App Manager lets you easily uninstall or freeze unused apps to optimize system resources. Fast Cleaner also offers tools to extend battery life, boost gaming performance, analyze storage space breakdown, and monitor device heat and WiFi connections. With this comprehensive set of phone-optimizing utilities, Fast Cleaner can effectively clean, manage, and speed up your Android device.


With regular use, Fast Cleaner can seriously optimize your phone’s performance, speed, and battery life. If your Android device has been feeling sluggish and slow recently, download this top-rated app and see the improvements for yourself today. The plethora of useful speed boosting and cleaning tools make Fast Cleaner a must-have utility.

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