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Files by Google provides excellent storage management and file organization tools for most Android users despite lacking a few advanced features.
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September 12, 2023
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Files by Google APK is an essential file manager and cleanup app for Android. With powerful organization tools and storage optimization features, it makes managing your phone’s files and storage simple.

Features of Files by Google APK

Here are the key features of Files by Google explained in detail:

Storage Optimization Tools

Storage analyzer – Gets a detailed breakdown of storage usage by apps, files, videos, photos etc. Makes it easy to see what’s hogging space.

Duplicate file finder – Scans device storage and highlights duplicate files to safely delete and recover space.

Large file detection – Flags exceptionally large files that may be wasting storage. Lets you delete or archive them.

Cache cleaner – Clears cached data and temporary files apps build up over time to free up space.

Unused app removal – Highlights apps that haven’t been launched in 30 days to easily uninstall and increase available storage.

Powerful File Management

Full storage access – Browse every folder and file on device storage including external SD cards.

File previews – View documents, photos, videos and other files before opening them.

Search tool – Search for files and folders by name to instantly locate them.

File sharing – Share any file with nearby Android users via offline WiFi Direct.

Backup to cloud – One click backup of important files and folders to cloud services.

Handy Utilities

Recycle bin – Stores deleted files for up to 30 days so you can restore if needed.

Dark theme – Switch to a more comfortable dark mode for nighttime use.

Storage alerts – Get notified when running low on space or having bloated folders.

With robust optimization, powerful file management, and useful utility features, Files by Google makes it easy to keep your Android storage organized and decluttered.

How to Use?

The intuitive interface makes Files by Google easy to use. The “Storage” tab shows storage usage graphs and recommendations to free up space. Tap any item to delete files or clear cached data. The “Files” tab lets you browse and search through your full device storage. Tap folders to explore within, select files to share or back up. Enable alerts in Settings to monitor storage.

Pros and Cons of using the Files by Google app:


  • Helps free up storage space by deleting junk files, clearing app caches, removing duplicates, and uninstalling unused apps.
  • Let’s you easily find, view, share, backup, and search files and folders. Provides full access to internal and external storage.
  • Backup important files to cloud services with one click.
  • Share files offline between Android devices via WiFi Direct.
  • Dark theme is easier on the eyes during nighttime use.
  • Analyzes storage usage and makes recommendations to clear large or bloated folders.
  • Receive alerts when running low on storage space or having unused apps.


  • No desktop syncing features unlike some other file manager apps.
  • Lacks advanced user controls such as app permissions, task automation, etc.
  • Duplicate file scanning can be slow if you have lots of files stored.
  • No browser integration for easily accessing and managing downloads.
  • Can’t access or manage files stored in cloud services within the app.
  • Some features like WiFi Direct sharing require all devices to have Files by Google.


With handy organization tools combined with powerful optimization features in a slick package, Files by Google is a file management must-have for every Android user. It takes the headache out of keeping your phone’s storage clean, organized, and clutter-free. Download Files by Google today to take control of your device’s files and storage.

Overall, Files by Google provides excellent storage management and file organization tools for most Android users despite lacking a few advanced features. Its intuitive interface and integration with Google Drive are big advantages.

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