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Google News app is the perfect way for Android users to digest news and stay up-to-date on their mobile devices.
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September 13, 2023
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The Google News APK is the perfect way for Android users to keep up with current events, discover breaking news stories, and stay informed on topics they care about. Available as a free download from the Google Play Store, this app packs a robust set of features into an intuitive, customizable news reading experience.

Top Features

Personalized Feed

The app’s slick interface presents a tailored feed of top headlines and stories based on your interests and reading habits. The more you use Google News, the better it gets at surfacing relevant content.

Topic Subscription

Easily subscribe to a wide range of topics like Politics, Business, Technology, Sports, Entertainment, and more. You can then dive into each topic feed to discover stories curated from thousands of global news sources.

Local News

Get up-to-the-minute local reporting on events happening in your town or city. Local coverage spans everything from crime and politics to dining and entertainment near you.

Video News

Many stories feature embedded news videos from trusted sources so you can watch footage and interviews as events unfold around the world. Video content brings stories to life.

Newsstand Publications

Browse and follow favorite publications to read top articles straight from the source. Current issues and editions are presented in beautiful magazine layouts optimized for mobile.

Breaking News Alerts

Enable notifications so urgent breaking news alerts can be delivered straight to your device in real-time. You’ll stay on top of developing stories as they happen.

Easy Article Sharing

Like an article? Easily share stories with friends and contacts via email, social media, messaging apps and more with just a couple quick taps.

Full-Text Articles

For many news stories, Google News provides the complete article text right in the app so you can read the full coverage without clicking out to external sites.

Offline Support

Articles and issues can be saved for offline reading when an internet connection is unavailable. This allows you to catch up on the latest news stories even without an active network.

Dark Theme

Switch to a darker theme for comfortable nighttime reading. The dark background is easier on the eyes and saves battery life on AMOLED displays.

Language Support

Read news in your preferred language. Google News is available in dozens of languages like English, Spanish, Hindi, French, Arabic, and more.

Google Assistant

Use voice commands via the Google Assistant to request specific news topics or the latest headlines on a subject. Hands-free voice control makes news consumption seamless.


Save interesting articles to customizable bookmark folders to easily find and reference stories later. Great for researching topics over time.

With its intelligent aggregation algorithms, rich content libraries, and helpful reading features like full-text articles, offline support, dark theme, multilingual capabilities, and Google Assistant integration, the Google News app provides an optimal news reading experience on Android devices.


With its slick design and wealth of customization options, the Google News app is the perfect way for Android users to digest news and stay up-to-date on their mobile devices. The app simplifies the news consumption process with intelligent topic recommendations, customizable feeds, video integration, alerts, and easy article sharing. Download the free Google News app today and stay engaged with the latest headlines and events that matter to you.

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