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The Google Now Launcher APK brings the clean and intuitive Google Now interface to your Android home screen.
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September 13, 2023
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The Google Now Launcher APK brings the clean and intuitive Google Now interface to your Android home screen. Replacing your default home launcher, it provides quick access to Google Search, Now cards, and a streamlined design.

Features of Google Now Launcher APK

Here are detailed explanations of the key features of the Google Now Launcher:

Google Now Page

The main benefit of the launcher. Swiping right from the home screen brings up the Google Now feed. It displays predictive cards with relevant information like weather, traffic conditions, sports scores, upcoming flights or hotel reservations, recommendations based on location, and more.

Improved Search

Tapping the microphone icon on the search bar at the top of the home screen immediately activates voice search. Say your search terms to get instant results from Google web and device search. Alternatively, you can type keywords into the search bar to manually search.

Simplified Design

The home screen has a clean, minimalist look. Customizable app shortcuts and widgets are presented against a plain background. The layout is not cluttered with extra UI elements. This allows you to focus on the apps/widgets themselves.


Long press any area of the Now Launcher’s home screen to access options for changing wallpapers, adding widget panels, adjusting grid size, and configuring settings. You can resize, rearrange, group, and categorize apps and widgets just how you like.

Supported Apps Tray

All installed apps are located in the separate app tray which is accessed by swiping up from the home screen or tapping the apps icon. Apps are presented vertically in a scrollable list that is easy to browse and search.

Seamless Google Integration

As a Google-developed launcher, it provides tight integration with Google apps and services like Now, Voice Search, Drive, Maps and more for seamless access from your home screen.

Android Tablet Support

The Google Now Launcher adapts well to larger tablet displays. Its simplicity and customizable layouts allow effectively managing apps on tablets. It fully supports landscape orientations.

Using Google Now Launcher

Swipe right from the home screen to access the Google Now page showing predictive info cards. Tap the search bar at the top to initiate voice or text searches. Long press on the home screen and select widgets or wallpapers to customize. Open the app drawer to access your full app catalog in a clean vertical list.

Overall, the Google Now Launcher enables a seamless Google experience on your Android while maintaining a visual simplicity and customizability. Replace your stock home launcher today to enjoy these benefits convenience of Google Now.

Can I customize the Google Now feed to show specific information that I’m interested in?

Yes, you can customize the Google Now feed on the Google Now Launcher to show more of the information that’s relevant to you. Here are some tips to tailor your feed:

  • Tap the “Customize” button at the bottom of the Google Now page – this takes you to the Google Now settings.
  • Under “Topics” you can toggle on/off specific categories like sports, finance, weather, traffic, etc. Turn off topics you don’t care about.
  • Tap “Your places” to add Home and Work locations so Now shows commute traffic, nearby restaurant recommendations, etc.
  • Add sports teams you follow to get updates on scores, news, etc.
  • View “Your interests” and toggle interests on/off – this affects news stories and recommendations Now displays.
  • Under “Services” you can enable/disable integrations with apps like Gmail, Calendar, Maps and Flight Status.
  • Adjust news topic preferences under News settings.

With these settings, you have granular control over the information shown in the Google Now feed. Set it up initially, then the AI will further refine recommendations over time.


With deep Google integration, a streamlined interface, and customization options, the Google Now Launcher makes an excellent replacement home screen for any Android device. Download the APK to enjoy quicker access to Google Now cards, voice search, and a clean uncluttered design on your Android smartphone or tablet.

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